Stump Removal

Stump Grinding is an efficient way to remove stumps and surface roots from the landscape. The stump grinding machine weighing about 3,200 pounds and about 36 inches wide is used to grind the stumps left over after the cutting of unwanted trees from landscapes.

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The following are the disadvantages of leaving a stump in the ground after the tree is cut:

Obstacle: The stump becomes an obstacle in your lawn or landscape area. It may even last for decades and give out suckers and shoots which would look unpleasant in your beautiful lawn. The shoot or the left over roots may even damage your lawn mower when you accidently roll over them.
Tripping Hazard: After cutting a tree, even if the stump is low to the ground level, it may become a tripping hazard on your property. This may cause painful injuries to elders and children and lead to potential liability claims.
Attract pests: The stump goes through a very slow long decaying process. It becomes a hub for pests like termites and carpenter ants. These critters may even spread to other trees or building structures that are located near the stump.
Spread of Disease: If you had removed your tree due to some disease, the stump may be retaining the disease causing factors. This disease may spread through its roots to other trees and plants in your yard and ruin the health and beauty of the whole landscape.

Benefits Of Stump Grinding

1. A stump grinder demolishes the stump easily and gets rid of all the animals or insects nesting in the stump.
2. A stump grinder grinds the stump up to a few inches below the soil line and so you need not worry about tripping over it or getting your lawn mower damaged.
3. A stump grinder does the heavy work of chipping away at the stump. It has sharp blades which turn the wood in to wooden chips. These chips can be used to make a mulch which will benefit your garden. This mulch would insulate the soil, keep it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

“Do It Yourself” is Not Advisable

Stump grinder is the most important equipment used by tree care professionals. As a homeowner, you may try to do stump grinding by using this machine. Stump grinding machines have sharp blades and wood chips fly around when using them. You may not know to use it safely. Hence, calling the professionals would be the best choice!

Complete, Professional And Safe Stump Grinding, Orlando Florida

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